PR trainwreck

Hello. I’m fat, and I sew. 

There was a trainwreck last weekend on PR ( which I managed to capture at least in part, so I thought I’d reproduce it here for your entertainment and delight – with apologies for the really weird formatting which I simply can’t seem to correct! 

Are you sitting comfortably?  Then let us begin.

MadelineL Date: 4/16/15 3:00 PM

Dear PR members,

I am collecting information that pertains to plus size pattern companies, online fabric stores that cater to plus size people, and other companies that provide things for plus size sewists. Please comment below and let me know what are your favorite pattern companies, fabric stores, etc who cater to you.

Thank you.

  michellep74Date: 4/16/15 3:52 PM

Pattern companies
Like a lot of plus size women, I prefer to be able to choose what to sew, rather than have my options limited to a particular pattern company or line. (And there really aren’t any “plus size” pattern companies, outside of Petite Plus and newcomer Tenterhook Patterns.)

The following companies have a very inclusive size range, going from small Misses’ sizes well into Plus sizes:

* HotPatterns
* StyleArc
* Ottobre Woman
* Colette Patterns (recent patterns with their extended sizing)

Fabric resources

Honestly, I thought that this was an odd request. I shop at the same fabric stores (online or otherwise) as everyone else. 

Online sewing community
If you’re putting together a list of resources, the Curvy Sewing Collective is a great source of inspiration for plus size sewing

 KolHeidi  Date: 4/16/15 4:31 PM

I like the Curvy Sewing Collective, plus, if you look on their site, they list a bunch of Patterns and their reviews. These include patterns from the above list, and many more. Not a lot, or expanded info, but it does have some info.

Edited to add that I also like Kwik Sew, Pamelas Patterns, and Burda.
— Edited on 4/16/15 at 4:35 PM —

MadelineLIn reply to michellep74 Date: 4/16/15 4:49 PM

I guess I meant to ask to see if there are any online fabric, notions, and other sewing supply stores that cater to plus sized people by featuring plus sized models and doing tutorials for plus sized garments.

LizJ58 In reply to michellep74 Date: 4/16/15 4:58 PM

Honestly, I thought that this was an odd request. I shop at the same fabric stores (online or otherwise) as everyone else.

No, don’t you know, we all go to the “special” Plus Size Polyester City fabric stores where all the fabric is either some hideous slinky knit, or stiff double knit. The same place where so many Plus Size RTW manufacturers buy their fabric.

— Edited on 4/16/15 at 4:59 PM —

LizJ58 Date: 4/16/15 5:07 PM

My resources:

1) here at Pattern Review, where women of all shapes and sizes post reviews
2) the Curvy Sewing Collective
3), another seller of independent patterns, where women who have made the patterns also post pictures
4 Various other sites/blogs

Pattern Companies
1) Style Arc
2) Burda (paper patterns and Plus Size magazine/downloadable patterns)
3) the rest of the big 3/4/7 whatever paper patterns, whatever styleshappen to be flattering and close to my size
4) Lekala and Bootstrap Fashion
5) Colette, Blue Ginger Doll, Jeniffer Lauren and other indie brands that cater to curvy women.
6) Hot Patterns

Fabric Stores
The same places other sewers like. #1 is Fabric Mart.

crazygradDate: 4/16/15 6:45 PM

If you really do mean companies that cater to plus size sewists, then honestly no one — except possibly Petite Plus or Tenterhook, both as Michelle noted design for plus sizes. I can’t think of a single company that is actively catering to plus sewists. Include plus sizes in their pattern ranges– yes, some do. Sell fabric to them– of course (and most online fabric stores have no clue of their customers’ sizes). 

As far as companies that include images of plus sizes, that varies widely and is as much related to the consumer as to the business. If the company posts what its customers make, they have to rely on those customers to send the pics in. Lots of companies with plus customers display what the customers send in. Gorgeous fabrics and Muse patterns are two that come to mind.

In general, I’m hard pressed to note a single company– beyond those 2 that make plus size patterns solely– that is actively working to really target, welcome, feature, include, or emphasize plus sized customers.

NevadaGraceDate: 4/17/15 0:57 AM

Sandra Betzina’s Today’s Fit is a Plus Size Oasis in the otherwise Plus Size Desert also known as Vogue Patterns. Sandra Betzina’s patterns are stylish, have great directions (albeit a few typos), and are sized for a mature plus-sized figure. Since Sandra Betzina is active on Craftsy and her own site, Power Sewing, it is very easy to contact her. Yes, I am Sandra’s #1 Fan Girl!

As far as fabric, we need extremely wide fabric — like that which you would back a quilt — 102 inches or wider. Fabric designed for tent making is ideal. Just kidding. We use the same fabric as everybody else. Now of course, we do use upholstery zippers. Okay, just kidding again. Well, we do need fabric that breathes since we sweat so much. Okay, I should never post anything after midnight. Any fabric is wonderful!

DianelwilsonDate: 4/17/15 4:57 AM

The Palmer and Plestch “Real Fit” caters to all body shapes.

sewbusy888In reply to MadelineL <<Date: 4/17/15 5:23 AM 

I like StyleArc featuring their garments made up and Lekala — but that is generated by the customers, like here – not really stores promoting their plus sizes.

I am curious — when you say a “resource of plus sized….” is this for a blog or a sewing community you are part of?

I agree with others’ comments about notions/fabric stores – people who are plus size (me included) normally shop at regular places, IRL and online for sewing supplies.

esseeseeIn reply to MadelineLDate: 4/17/15 5:38 AM

I make a point of going to the local tent-making company whenever I need to do any cutting-out. The tent company is also useful in that they stock extra-long zips and are happy to sell them to me individually. I would recommend any plus size sewer to make enquiries at their local tent maker or tent repairer – failing that, a sail-maker’s loft – to see if s/he can hire their resources for a short time. The gigantic eyelets and corresponding press for application are especially useful.

Seriously, what sort of question are you asking other than an insulting one? Patterns can be somewhat limited if you restrict your search, a little digging will soon reveal all sorts of treasures. Lekala fits my very short and very fat requirements perfectly. Burda isn’t bad, either – I especially like the general consistency of Burda patterns as compared to the US major brands, which makes alterations more straightforward.

No-one buys ‘fabrics for fatties’, ‘big-size buttons’ or ‘extra-large elastic’. That is just silly, so I have no idea what sort of ‘resources’ you might be referring to.
ETA – or what your purpose is in this silliness.
— Edited on 4/17/15 at 7:53 AM —

Speech girl Date: 4/17/15 8:50 AM

The OP, Madeline, is an employee here at PR so I am assuming that’s the capacity she is compiling the list of resources. A list of pattern lines that are best for tall and petite women might also be welcome (although I suspect there are not that many). 

I don’t think fabric stores really cater to any particular size person, apart from those who sell juvenile fabrics. Most of them don’t feature many models, aside from a few that customers can post images on. There are blogs/you tube videos/books that have fitting info for fitting plus bodies though. Would that kind of thing work for your resource?

 esseeseeIn reply to Speech girlDate: 4/17/15 8:56 AM

The OP, Madeline, is an employee here at PR …

Then she jolly well ought to know better than to ask silly questions.
Ask a silly question, get a silly answer.
Sorry, but that’s my honest and straightforward opinion.

sewbusy888 In reply to Speech girl Date: 4/17/15 9:02 AM

Ahhhh – Speech Girl thank you for clarifying that.

So, she is compiling a resource a list for PR, still I think there needs to be an understanding of the “target” group so as people are not upset by a miscommunication.

I would of thought an announcement – hey we are compiling a list (still can’t understand what resources are being sought) we need your help suggesting….etc

Maybe they want us to name the blogs we like or fav. pattern makers???

Now I am curious is this a resource for members of PR to access or like a research project???

To be continued later.


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