The last carriages of the Pattern Review trainwreck – totally derailed!

Off we go again. Sadly the last couple of carriages decoupled from the rest of the train.  They fell down the hillside into a ravine with all occupants before they could be rescued. However, we remember them. Oh yes, we remember them.

So, coffee and cake at the ready – or whatever is your beverage of preference – and hold on tight for a rough ride on the pattern train of doom!

MadelineLIn reply to crazygradDate: Today at 11:42 AM

I never intended to make any tones or assumptions. I am only asking about whether people would like to see PR sponsors who are inclusive of body diversity. I am not implying that other people do want such sponsors, and I am not implying that other people do not want such sponsors.
and do my best to not bring up such topics in the future.

I never had any level of intent with this thread. I would never ever intentionally offend groups of diverse people. Please do not assume that I do. Some topics are very sensitive, and I learned today that body diversity is one of them. I don’t want to make any assumptions about what you would prefer, so I will ask a question: What would you like to see happen with the issue of finding corporate sponsors who include body diversity? Would you prefer to have such corporate sponsors, or to not have such sponsors, or do you have little preference either way?

Question 2: In your opinion, do you feel that it is best for sensitive topics to be brought up on PR or left for another time/place? If you feel that such topics are not the best thing to talk about on PR, I can have this thread deleted and do my best to not bring up such topics in the future.
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esseeseeIn reply to MadelineLDate: Today at 12:15 PM

Quote: MadelineL
Just because you haven’t seen something with your own eyes doesn’t mean it does not exist. I have never seen the Eiffel Tower but of course I believe it exists.

How old are you – about 14? You can’t possibly realise how silly and immature you sound!

I could as well retort that just because YOU have two (or was it three?) shops which show handsewn samples where YOU live, (wherever that might be) does not mean that there are any similar shops anywhere else in the entire world.

I am done with trying to deflect hurt with humour and insult with entertainment.

YOU are the one making assumptions around here – and I am not the` first, nor the only, poster in this thread to find these assumptions both ignorant and offensive. I am shocked that you feel entitled to use the term ‘customer service‘ in your avatar or heading or whatever its called. Customer disservice might be more accurate.

a7yrstitchIn reply to MadelineL Date: Today at 12:48 PM


(The references to ‘firestorm’ were in response to MadelineL’s post which she has since edited.

If you feel heat steaming from my post it is because you have been rude, it has nothing to do with any anticipated firestorm.

From your original questions, did you even bother to do any research online or on PR before requesting information from PR members? 

By not stating your specific goals in your request, you wasted our time! Did you not notice that some folks were struggling to assist you with answers in spite of your approach?

One quick search, less than 30 seconds – The Big List There it is, Madeline. In less time than it took for you to write one insulting post you, as a PR representative/employee, could have offered us a useful piece of information. I’ll have to check back, but I don’t recall any thank you’s from you to folks who did list some resources. 

What is your intent in bringing up ‘sensitive’ topics. Do you have any training or particular interest or experience? If so, spit it out and state your goals and intent up front. Generally speaking, courteous PR participants do not bring up issues that will knowingly evoke a firestorm. If you were a member, and not an employee, it is most likely that your thread would have been shut down by now as the tone of your rebuttal posts have been argumentative rather than conversational, helpful or responsive.

Geesh, Madeline, from the fry pan into the fire……..’you don’t get what I am doing and I want you to do my job for me without exactly explaining it therefore you must be sensitive about the topic of plus size people’.

Nancy KIn reply to MadelineLDate: Today at 1:09 PM

I’d also suggest that you follow Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. Carolyn is a master at making regular sizing fit her plus size body. Diary of a Sewing Fanatic.
As for buying fabric the only caveat I have is to buy the best quality you can afford and learn to fit your body. Everyone looks better in good fit no matter your size.

Nancy KIn reply to MadelineLDate: Today at 1:15 PM

I didn’t take what you asked as insulting but I do think that being up front about why you were asking and what you are looking for would have been nice.

esseeseeIn reply to a7yrstitch Date: Today at 1:27 PM


I’ll have to check back, but I don’t recall any thank you’s from you to folks who did list some resources. 

Oh now cut the girl some slack, stitch, here are her fulsome, heartfelt thanks buried in the middle of what seems to be intended as a put-down for me … see .

In reply to esseesee Date: 4/17/15 10:31 AM
I think that many people, both plus sized and non-plus sized, would be happier if their local fabric store featured plus sized mannequins and plus sized models. They would also be happier if their local fabric store had classes that taught how to make a straight size pattern work for plus sized people. That was the purpose of my question. To find companies (fabric stores, pattern companies) who actually include plus sized models and had tutorial classes for plus sized garment making.

*and to all the other commenters on this thread* Thank you 🙂
My entire purpose all along was to find contest sponsors who are actually inclusive of diverse body types.

Please note my bold & red; I think I could probably revise my previous estimate of age downwards from 14 to about 11 and – if I wanted to be equally childish – I’d remove the paragraph of information I offered about the two pattern brands which work for me and why. But I CBA and have better things to do.

ElephunDate: Today at 1:49 PM

I believe that you didn’t initially mean to be insulting, but your responses have been undeniably insulting.
The fact of the matter is that you were asking us to provide examples of something that doesn’t exist (eg plus size models for sewing stores), and then getting judgy when people pointed it out.
It would be best at this point to offer a heartfelt apology, take stock of what you can learn from this, and compile the resources that have been handed to you for use another day. 

And that’s it, folks. There were another couple of pages before the thread was locked by a mod and then deleted by Deleteka (LOVE the name BTW happily caffeinated, thanks for that!) which were both entertaining and confusing at the same time, and which I sadly failed to capture, but I have captures of the ‘generic apology’ posts and a good memory. I’ll summarise those last pages either later today, or tomorrow – I did make a few notes at the time, too,  and need to dig those out.

See you later!



3 thoughts on “The last carriages of the Pattern Review trainwreck – totally derailed!

  1. This sounds like quite a dust up. Pity I didn’t see it as doubtless my contribution would have been viewed adding fuel to the fire.


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