BETTER LATE THAN NEVER (or so they say)

2015 has passed

I’m not going to revisit any of my old posts, except Rana  Plaza, which I will bang on about at least once a year, on or around its anniversary. I make no apologies for that.


I also had a reminder of my own mortality, and that of all of us  – a consultant with whom I got my first job after qualification, well over 40 years ago, died, aged in his mid 90s. He’d had a good life.  I also discovered from the ex-colleague (and ex-lover, oh we were very naughty! but it was FUN, apart from my broken heart when it all ended) who tracked me down to inform me of the consultant’s death, that a former colleague, a little younger than either of us,  had died suddenly a good few years ago at only 53. Happy memories tempered with sadness, and regret that it’s too late now to reconnect with some old and former friends and lovers . Don’t let this be you.

Sewing last year.

All in all, I had a busy, productive year and I hope you did too. My sewing was not really as productive as I would have liked, though, as my machine spent several weeks with the mechanic while he hunted for a spare part. It’s no longer manufactured as my machine is officially ‘retired’ from Janome’s list, but he eventually tracked one  down.  My machine is purring sweetly again, cannibal though she is! For a time I was concerned I would have to invest in a new machine, and I really didn’t want to do that. I think I’m saving up for an electric bike, or maybe to import a big donkey from France.  Common sense tells me to look out for a nice second-hand machine to use in case of future problems.  My two hand-cranks, much though I love them, really don’t cut the mustard for  what I need to do, and although I’ve recently been given a Singer 201k from the 1950’s (brown hammered finish) who looks to be in excellent condition, well greased for storage, she will need some work doing, and lacks accessories.

Blog post plans

I have,  though, been productive enough – and taken notes and photos – to blog about at least some of what I’ve made. I also have great plans (hah! don’t we all!) for future things to make.  Being an opinionated old bat, I have strong views about the state of ‘sewing culture’ today, and plan to blog about that, too.





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