New life in the house!

The old deg has been fading all summer, and died almost two weeks ago. It was very sudden, quick and easy for him but, of course, hard for me.

However,  the house is full of life and joy. I am now providing daycare for two puppies – one just in the afternoons, and one all day. Both are bitches, and the owners are friends, so it’s important the dogs are, too.

Meet Della, a big girl now, all of seventeen weeks old and  a mysterious  mix of lurcher and greyhound.Della







And Sunny, the baby, a ten week old border collie from a local farm.


And today’s barking contest. Be glad it’s only a still, not a video with sound!

barking contest



2 thoughts on “New life in the house!

  1. Delighted to hear you are nurturing these pups. I’ve lost animals before (and suddenly—oh, so hard) and find that providing for another needy one is the best thing I can do.


  2. Lovely to see your Foster Pups! They look like a couple of live wires! I lost my darling dog a few years ago, and I still feel the pain. Nice to catch up with you again!



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